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      Polyurethane powder (TPU powder)

      Polyurethane powder (TPU powder)

      • Category:Powder resin
      • Published Date:2019-02-20
      • Product Overview

      Haozhou Polymer specializes in the production and sale of polyurethane powder (TPU powder). Polyurethane powder (TPU powder) is a thermoplastic hot-melt powder with good adhesion to most materials and high initial peel strength. And heat resistance, as well as a wide temperature range to suit different processing requirements.

      Product features: high hardness, high elasticity, low temperature bonding, rapid bonding, high production efficiency, wide bonding range, can bond a variety of materials, can be repeatedly heated, multiple bonding, stable performance, easy to store and transport, cost low.

      Product use: low temperature bonding Hong Kong treasure, shoe material shaping cloth, automotive industry, textile lamination, hot melt adhesive film, resin, acrylic / fabric, chemical patch, industrial tools, aluminum foil, PVC material, PU elastomer, ABS / PVC blends, rubber, nylon material bonding, etc.

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