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      Shape requirements for plastic powder processing


      Shape requirements for plastic powder processing: We have shape requirements for powder particles in different production processes. We usually say that the tearing powder belongs to a long strip or a scorpion shape, and its light transmission and reflected light properties result in uneven color. By spraying on metal or other surfaces, it will cause unevenness, and uneven adhesion will occur after baking at high temperature.

      The powder produced by the impact can be described as a stone shape, that is, there is no significant difference between the longest end and the shortest end. The powder particles can uniformly pass through the nozzle of the spray gun, reduce the blockage of the spray gun mouth, the degree of atomization is high, and the sprayed surface is uniform, but the coarse powder particles affect the uniformity of the sprayed surface and affect the reflective and light-transmitting properties, thereby Affects appearance and adhesion.

      Through the shaped powder particles, we can obtain circular particles like yellow sand, which is to round the diamond-shaped particles by a shaping process, or to melt the water chest into the whole particle by temperature. The powder particles are reflective, light transmissive and uniform. They are the future of plastic powder applications.


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