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      Plastic powder manufacturer
      Plastic powder coating
      Shanghai hot melt adhesive

      Professional supplier of resin powder materials, technical service specialist of color masterbatch and modified materials

      The Polymer Blend Technology Company
      Shanghai Panbo Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai Haozhou Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai, China's economic, financial and trade center. The company is located in Yangxian Industrial Park, Fengxian, Shanghai. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, production, sales and service of polymer material crushing related products. The service tenet of Yuzhou: It is as rock-solid, profound and profound, together, and united, focusing on environmental protection and energy-saving low-temperature milling solutions......


      Provide customers with all-round product and technical support

      Has abundant technology development ability and product application experience in related fields of chemical industry